***Pre-Orders EXTREMELY Limited***
***Pre-Orders EXTREMELY Limited***
The first home-use Device Clinically-proven to "REVERSE" E.D.
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Meet Dr. Paul Thompson
  • Graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City Medical School in 1981.
  • ​Completed residency in Urology.
  • ​Joined Urology Associates of Cape Girardeau for 20 years.
  • ​Served as Chief of Surgery and Chief of Staff at Southeast Missouri Hospital.
  • ​Awarded certificate of Age Management Medicine, now a leader in the field.
  • ​Has lectured across the country.
  • ​Appeared multiple times on national television as an Expert in the field of Age Management Medicine.
  • ​Opened The Thompson Clinic, where he uses The Rocket's innovative technology on his own patients to treat their erectile dysfunction.
How does It Improve Your sexual Performance?
  • Men decline in performance as they age because plaque builds up in the blood vessels, clogging your "pipes."
  • The Rocket safely breaks up the plaque, cleaning out your "pipes," allowing more blood flow.
  • ​More blood flow means fuller, stronger erections.
more blood flow = stronger erections
  • Soundwave Therapy creates "Angiogenesis," which means it will "grow new blood vessels."
  • Because of Angiogenesis, men actually get stronger erections than they've ever had, because there are more blood vessels in their penis.
  • ​More blood vessels = more blood flow = stronger erections!
  • ​Yes, there are DOZENS of studies proving this!
This Still Sounds A little Too Good To be true... Is There Clinical Proof?
(***Yes! See the studies below***)
  • Yes, it works!
  • ​Doctors in Europe have been using this technology for over 20 years.
  • There's DOZENS OF CLINICAL STUDIES showing it increases sexual performance.
  • Sexual Performance Clinics all over the world use this technology (but charge $3,000-$10,000).
  • ​Soundwave Therapy is FDA-Cleared.
How do i use 'the rocket'?
(Watch The instructional video below!)
The Rocket FAQ's
***Frequently Asked Questions***
(Watch The Video or read below!)
1. How does The Rocket work?
Most E.D. is a result of inadequate blood flow. The Rocket restores blood flow to the penis in two ways. First it removes blockages, and second, it creates new blood vessels through a process called angiogenesis, which creates even more blood flow for a stronger, harder erection.
2. Is it safe?
The device operates on the principle of low-intensity shock therapy (LIST). This is not an electrical shock, it is a mechanical shock, or a vibration. Hundreds of peer reviewed medical studies have been conducted and literally tens of thousands of patients have been treated with no ill effects. There is of course, a risk of misuse, particularly over-treatment with any device but The Rocket has built-in safety parameters and overuse limits which make it virtually impossible to over-treat.
3. How Do I use The Rocket?
We have gone to great lengths to create a product where every detail from the size, form factor, location of controls, nature and substance of information displays and operational automation was designed to help the untrained user self-administer with confidence. We also have video tutorials online and professional medical staff available for any medical questions.
4. How long does a treatment take?
A typical treatment takes 20 – 25 minutes. We recommend one or two treatments per week. A total of six treatments constitutes a complete protocol. You will begin seeing results immediately, and can expect continued improvement for up to 90 days. Most patients find that they do not need to re-treat for 6-12 months.
5. Does it hurt?
LIST works by causing micro trauma to the blood vessels beneath the skin. Obviously this requires the application of a significant amount of energy or force. People have varying levels of pain tolerance and many can perform the treatment with little discomfort. For those who are more sensitive we provide and recommend the use of a topical numbing cream.
6. How do I know if this is legitimate?
LIST technology is FDA recognized and proven safe and effective through hundreds of peer reviewed medical studies. We are not claiming to have invented a medical procedure or treatment methodology. The Rocket has been demonstrated to produce the identical energy signature to the more expensive commercial devices and has been proven effective in clinical trials. Part of the use of funds from this campaign will be used to obtain FDA clearance for the device.
7. How long does The Rocket last?
The Rocket has been designed to provide 24 Treatments, more than enough to upgrade your sexual performance. The reason for this is that the mechanism inside the device undergoes extreme mechanical stresses to create the intense energy pulses which make the unit effective. Over time, these stresses wear internal components and after tens of thousands of pulses we can no longer guarantee that the mechanism is able to perform at design specifications. The unit will continue to operate after 24 Treatments, but we recommend purchasing a new Rocket because, as mentioned above, the extremely high energy generated in the device does cause wear on the general components, and we can no longer ensure proper performance with ongoing use. Even our $40,000 devices in our professional E.D. clinic require replacement!
8. How quickly will I see results?
A typical treatment takes 20 – 25 minutes. We recommend one or two treatments per week. A total of six treatments constitutes a complete protocol. You will begin seeing results immediately, and can expect continued improvement for up to 90 days. Most patients find that they do not need to re-treat for 6-12 months.
9. Does the Rocket make my penis bigger?
Because one of the treatment modalities of the Rocket is angiogenesis—which means ‘creating new blood vessels’ and encouraging new tissue growth, we have found that in most cases the penis does increase in size after treatment. We do not promote this aspect of treatment because we don’t want our device to be confused with bogus ‘penis enlargers’ but for most men it is normal to experience a small increase in penis size after LIST treatment.
10. Anything else I should be doing For Best results?
As remarkable and effective as the Rocket is, LIST is only one piece of a comprehensive male sexual health regimen. Equally important are diet, exercise, healthy body mass index, and certainly hormone balance. Launch Medical, the manufacturer of the Rocket, intends to offer a full line of men’s sexual health products and supplements to complement and enhance your treatment experience.
11. My penis is curved—will the Rocket help?
Curvature of the penis, also known as "Peyronie's Disease" is a serious condition. At present there are 2 treatment options. Xiaflex is a pharmaceutical which may provide some relief from Peyronie's but has serious side effects. The other treatment option is LIST—precisely what the Rocket delivers. In fact, we have treated many patients suffering from Peyronie's with the Rocket and have substantially or completely eliminated the curvature of the penis after several sessions of treatment.
12. Can I continue to be sexually active while treating myself with the Rocket?
There is no ‘down time’ with the Rocket. You can be sexually active right after a treatment. If you used a topical numbing cream, you may have to wait a few hours for the numbing effect to wear off.
13. Can I continue to use Viagra or Cialis?
Viagra and Cialis are drugs which increase blood flow to the penis. Many men use them to compensate for symptoms of E.D., but many perfectly healthy men also use these drugs to ‘supercharge’ their erections. Most patients who complete a course of treatment with the Rocket find that they no longer need drugs to enhance blood flow to the penis, but of course you may continue to use the drugs if desired and if it's medically safe to do so.
14. Do I need to make any lifestyle changes to reverse my E.D.?
The Rocket will clear blockages in blood vessels and help foster the growth of new blood vessels when disease or other factors have damaged tissue in the penis. But of course, every aspect of diet, fitness, nutrition, body mass, and hormone balancing will also have an impact on sexual health. The more you do for yourself in terms of optimizing your fitness and well being, the better off you will be in terms of sexual performance.
15. What is the warranty for the Rocket?
The Rocket is warrantied against defects in workmanship and may be returned within 30 days of purchase as long as it has not been used for one complete treatment cycle or more. If the device fails to operate properly during this time, you can return it for a full refund or replacement. 
When Will I Receive My Rocket?
The Rocket will begin shipping January 2020.  

But the retail price will rise to $749 well before that.  

The price you see on this page could rise any day now... 

So if you don't want to pay $749 like the rest of the world...

Make sure to lock-in your pre-order discount now!
Our Refund Policy
Within 30 days of your pre-order of The Rocket, if you decide you no longer want it, you can email:


And we will happily refund you!

All sales are final once The Rocket is delivered.
How Many Treatments Do I Need?
Most men need between 6-12 treatments to reverse their ED, reverse Peyronie's, or just take their performance to the next level.

Professional E.D. Clinics charge around $500 per treatment.

If you needed 6 treatments, it could cost you $3,000.

If you needed 12 treatments, it could cost you $6,000.

If you received 24 treatments, it could cost you up to $12,000!

But The Rocket will give you 24 treatments, 2-4 times more than what 99% of men need, for $749... 93.7% more affordable.

Make sure to lock-in your pre-order discount now!
Rocket Testimonial: Eric Roberts, 63
  • Meet Eric Roberts, 63
  • Things weren't as good as they used to be...
  • ​Then he used The Rocket.
  • Eric now feels like he's 18 years old again.
  • ​"It made everything better!"
Rocket Testimonial: Chris, 54
  • Meet Chris, 54.
  • His ED "was pretty bad" and affected almost every relationship he had.  
  • ​His partner would say "it's no big deal," but he knew it was.
  • ​Every pill he took had embarrassing side effects.
  • ​He knew he could fix his problem at a professional E.D. clinic, but couldn't afford their expensive technology.
  • ​He learned The Rocket could do the same thing for a fraction of the cost.
  • ​After using The Rocket, he gets spontaneous erections again and never has to worry.
  • ​He has a lot more confidence now.
  • ​"It'll change your life like it changed mine."
  • ​"It works, it's simple, you don't have to take any drugs, and in a matter of weeks you're as hard as a rock!"
Rocket Testimonial: Ron, 50
  • Meet Ron, 50.
  • He'd been struggling with ED for the past 8 years.
  • ​His relationship ended because of it... He felt like less of a man...
  • Then he found The Rocket...
  • Click to watch how Ron turned his life around with The Rocket!
Rocket Testimonial: Neal, 66
  • Meet Neal, 66.
  • He had Peyronie's -- A painful curvature of the penis.
  • ​It affected his marriage and his confidence.
  • ​He didn't want to take any drugs.
  • ​He was excited that The Rocket could correct his problem with no drugs or side effects!
  • ​He liked how affordable and private it was.
  • ​After using The Rocket, his curvature has improved.
  • ​His confidence is through the roof now!
  • ​"It's easier to pursue intimacy with my wife."
  • ​"I'm sure using The Rocket will boost your confidence and improve the physical condition you are struggling with, as it did me, and I would highly recommend it."
What other people have been saying:


"If you're having problems with erections and you wanna get back to having a normal sex life, this is the way to go."


"I would say it's one of the best things I did for myself. It improved my confidence and my girlfriend is very happy."


"After completing the process I noticed significant improvement and it really helped. It was a big boost to my self confidence."
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And no, this isn’t some ‘bogus’ gas-station pill.
So what is the secret?
It’s called soundwave therapy.
It’s actually nothing new.
Doctors in Europe have been using soundwaves 

To reverse E.D. for OVER 20 YEARS
There’s Dozens of clinical studies Proving it works.
And at my clinic, we are literally transforming lives.
There’s only one problem.
Because of the ENORMOUS cost of the Swedish-made machine,

Most soundwave therapy treatments cost $3,000-$10,000

Or more.
Don’t get me wrong,

They work.
Most guys would pay THREE TIMES that amount
To fix their E.D.

Who doesn’t want to be back in their sexual prime?
Thing is, most guys don’t have that kind of cash.
I would talk to these guys on the phone,
They couldn’t "get it up..."

And they would disappoint their girlfriends or wives.
And their partners would feel like they weren’t pretty or sexy anymore.
And that would cause a strain on their relationship.
These guys needed help...

Our treatments could help them.
But when I said it was $3,000-$10,000,
I could hear the hope fading from their voice.
A lot of guys can pay for this treatment and get their sex life back.
But a lot more couldn’t.
I knew there had to be a better solution.
For months, I thought about this. 
we needed to invent a cheaper machine...

We could help MILLIONS of men,
All over the world.
And as fate would have it...
A few weeks later,
A strange man walked into our clinic.
He paid for his treatment, and then...

I found out he was a brilliant inventor.
I quickly told him my idea.
He said he’d be back in three weeks.
I didn’t believe him, but sure enough...
Three weeks later he came back and brought...
The first prototype of what would become...
I couldn’t believe it.

No one had made a device like this before.

We tested it on something called a “Force Plate.”
It gave off the same energy signature
As the super-expensive Swedish device professional E.D. clinics use.
That meant it would have the exact same effect.
So we decided to test it on ourselves.
It worked.
Then we had a small clinical trial.
We gave free treatments using The Rocket.
And for those lucky guys...
And in some cases TRIPLING their sexual performance.
Myself and The Inventor couldn’t believe it!!
After 18 LONG months of engineering what would become THE ROCKET,
we Finally made a cost-effective device that could REVERSE E.D.
And you can improve your erections,
And while you can go to a clinic...
And pay $3,000-$10,000...
You can now upgrade your erections For a FRACTION OF THE COST.
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If you could upgrade your sex life...
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With no drugs, no side effects, and no downtime,
Wouldn’t that be worth at least $1,000?
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Our projected retail price is just $749.
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  • ​Have safe, simple treatments in your own home
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After years of research and development,
We’re excited to finally bring this device to your door.
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No more struggling.
No more paying clinics $3,000-$10,000.

Finally become the man you’ve always wanted to be.

Click the button to get started,
And Launch Your Sex Life.
Your friend and fellow “Rocketman,”
Dustin Wolff
More about Dr. Paul Thompson
A Missouri native, Dr. Thompson graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City Medical School in 1981 and completed his residency in urology and earned a chief residency position at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. 

In 1988 Dr. Thompson took a position with Urology Associates of Cape Girardeau in Missouri where he practiced for twenty years. At Southeast Missouri Hospital he served as head of the Credential Committee, Chief of Surgery and Chief of Staff. 

Dr. Thompson in his forties developed some disturbing changes in his health and elected to go through an age management program that changed his life both physically and professionally. 

He completed an extensive training program, was awarded a certificate in Age Management Medicine, and has gone on to be a leader in this field of medicine. 

Dr. Thompson is one of the authors for the certifying exam in this growing field of medicine, has written a chapter in a text book, lectured across the country and has appeared multiple times on national news shows as an expert in the field of Age Management. 

He has practiced in this field for the last 14 years and opened The Thompson Clinic in 2015 so that he can extend this unique type of medicine, guidance and care to others nationwide.
*Results may vary. Make sure to consult with your doctor regarding any medical questions you may have. The Rocket is registered as a Class I Therapeutic Massager which is defined as, :Product Code ISA (21 CFR 890.5660). This general device type is called a 'Massager, Therapeutic, Electric.' It is defined as a power heated device, "... an electrically powered device intended for medical purposes..." (21 CFR 890.5660).
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